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Studio M Yoga
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Yoga Studio M

Sunday Yoga

Vinyasa Flow
with Valerie Davi

9am Gentle Vinyasa Flow
10:15am Intermediate++ Vinyasa Flow

Hello and bonjour!  I am a French-American Certified Yoga Instructor and I have been a yoga student and practitioner for over 20 years. My teaching is focused on improving functional movement, increasing mobility, flexibility, stability, and having fun.

I am dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga to adults of all ages and abilities. My Vinyasa flow style is fluid and involves sequences that open the body, heart and mind to help relieve stress and tension, improve balance and increase energy flow.  I have led yoga retreats in Provence, France and Andalusia, Spain, and one of my goals is to help students develop a personal yoga practice that they can build on and tailor to their own needs as their practice evolves. Another is to create a safe space for students to experience yoga as an exploration of self that helps expand their comfort zones and hopefully leave class feeling more calm, centered, connected to self and others, energized and empowered.

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