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Yoga Studio M


9am Sundays


VINIYOGA ~ A Restorative Style Class
w/ Katie Clark

Sundays at 9am

Luxurious poses, deeply releasing stretches and decadent movements make this a wonderful class to take on a Sunday morning!


Join Sonoma treasure Katie Clark for this lovely 55 minute self-care treat!


Katie says, "the word 'yoga' translates as 'yoke' and literally refers to the magic that happens when we link our breath with movement. Viniyoga is a methodology that makes use of this idea and can empower us - each class - to affect change and healing within our bodies. I add much personal experience with this healing work with a sense of humor and delight in the multitude of ways we all perceive the world and our journeys here."


Katie's describes her style of instruction as easy to comprehend and says her classes tend to be fun as well as quite deep. "Beginners are always welcome as no one is “too stiff” or has terrible hamstrings. This can be a great opportunity to bring a friend or family member who might like to try yoga. Every body is always welcome to my classes! I can modify for all levels, ages and abilities."

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Hatha Yoga w/ Stacey Mulvey


Stacey loves teaching movement, viewing it as a spectrum of energy--from yin to yang and everything in between. She teaches a somatic style of Hatha yoga, meaning she teaches yoga in a way that helps people experience their bodies from the inside. Her verbal cues are descriptive and filled with of imagery to describe the movements and help students conceive of their bodies in novel ways.​

Her class can expect a slow, gentle but deep yoga that is accessible to beginners while keeping advanced students challenged. The class utilizes ideokineses, which is the method of conceptualizing movement via one's imagination, or with “the mind’s eye."

Stacey teaches group classes and private sessions in Pilates and yoga at Studio M. She holds a yoga certification from Naropa University for yoga.