Melissa Kerns-Stewart

A former dancer, my professional career was cut short when I sustained

a severe back injury. As part of my rehabilitative process, I

experienced the transformative effects of Pilates, Yoga, and GYROTONIC® firsthand. This led to my own continued study and work as a teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2005, I

opened my own studio, ON CORE – Maui’s first comprehensive Pilates,

GYROTONIC® and yoga studio. In 2016, I returned to Napa Valley to live with my daughter. 


While I’m a strong proponent of movement as part of the rehabilitative process, I also believe that a body in motion and balance is essential to the prevention of illness and injury. 


I’ve been lucky to work with and be trained by some of the world’s most renowned practitioners, including Pilates masters Madeline Black, Jean Sullivan, and Jean Claude West, Iyengar Yoga instructors Alan and Jaki Nett, and GYROTONIC® founder Juliu Horvath and master trainers Keli Fine, Debra Rose, Abel Horvath, Cori Doetzer and many others. 


In 2021, I graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law. I have Juris Doctor degree with specializations in litigation, family law, and public interest law. I also have a BA in Modern Dance and Psychology from Mills College in California and have completed extensive coursework in kinesiology, spinal and sacral biomechanics, anatomy and physiology.


Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to work

with hundreds of people at all levels – from longtime practitioners to

absolute beginners. Sessions are fun but focused, accessible

but rigorous. I believe that each person is her own best teacher and I

work to facilitate your own highest experience. The body is transformed

when aligned with the mind and spirit.