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Stacey Mulvey

I am passionate for teaching mindful movement; which I consider as modalities such as Pilates, Gyrotonic, yoga and all functional exercise. 

I experienced a spiritual awakening after I began practicing mindful movement over ten years ago, and as a result; I left a corporate job in technology in order to personally explore and teach others about the mind-body connection. I’ve completed the Advanced Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and attended Naropa University for yoga, and contemplative education. I am currently training to be a Gyrotonic teacher. 


When I teach movement, my goal is for the client to experience their body from within, instead of from an external perspective. I do this by providing rich, visual cues that are grounded in a solid anatomical basis.


I continually seek and recognize the potential and gifts of whomever is learning from me, in order to guide them to their own understanding, and aspire to model in my own life what it means to be a self-expressed, creative individual; thereby inspiring new directions in others and freeing them to express and explore their own creativity.

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