Plush Chiropractic 

Established in Sonoma, CA. in 2000. Doctor Sheryl Plush is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West and was the founder of the Sonoma Holistic Center which was created in 1987 the first multi disciplined Holistic health clinic. 

She specializes in holistic family health care focusing her life and practice on natural healing methods. She uses gentle low force techniques, motion palpation, massage and her years of experience to create specialized care for your unique needs.

Her passion is working with new moms pre and post natal care, infants, children, nutritional counseling, and exercise therapies, all of which aid in recovery of your health and wellness. She is committed to serving families and making health care affordable.

As a patient of Plush Chiropractic your care will be specialized for your needs in a comfortable safe environment.   

You can expect high quality personalized treatments in a comfortable home environment. Using a variety of gentle techniques and therapeutic modalities we customize a wellness plan for you and your needs achieving results in a short amount of time. A new patients first visit usually takes 90-120 mins. This includes a comprehensive exam including orthopedic, neurological, and physical intake, history and adjustment. After your initial exam adjustments only take 15 minutes.


Some common conditions chiropractic care can help include:

Back pain
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Headaches / migraines
Neck pain
Tingling / numbness
Whiplash injuries
Cold Laser
Cold laser provides a non invasive alternative to accelerate the healing of muscle, ligament, nerve, and joint injuries, while also decreasing inflammation and swelling. Cold Laser Treatments are quick and always painless while results are often rapid and sustainable.


Some ailments treatable by cold laser therapy include:

Carpel tunnel syndrome
Degenerative disc conditions
Frozen shoulder
Inflammatory conditions
Ligament tears
Muscle and nerve regeneration
Rheumatic pain
Sprains and Strains

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