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Lily Vickers

Movement has been an inspirational force in Lily's life for 25 years. Enjoying any  opportunity for expression through rhythm, grace, and poise, Lily studied ballet for 15 years as well as modern dance, jazz, tap, Middle Eastern and ballroom dance. Lily was first introduced to the power of Pilates while learning Martha Graham's technique to modern dance. After recovering from a dislocated knee, Lily returned to discover increased core strength from the floor work. After re-injuring herself age 17, she turned to the healing benefits of Pilates to hasten recovery, loose excess weight, and return to dance. 

After becoming Ananda Yoga Certified in Raja Yoga, Lily was in the first of two car accidents. After two years of struggling to heal with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, again she turned to Pilates and went on to receive her Pilates Mat Certification. Lily enrolled in and received certification through the Integrative Teacher Training program, co-founded by Madeline Black, Joerg Chabowski, Debra Schubert and Jean Sullivan. Her struggle with injuries and accidents has infused Lily with a heightened sensitivity to working with students who are similarly injured and in pain.


Lily is committed to helping others make positive changes in their bodies, by building awareness, and balancing the body, mind, and spirit through the healing movements of yoga and Pilates. Lily's teaching offers students an opportunity to go deeply into their body's and explore the cause of their movement habits and to restore them to a healthful place. With gentle guidance and clearly set goals, Lily is able to help students achieve their fitness and wellness objectives.

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