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Pilates at it's best!

 Looking for fantastic Pilates classes that challenge and inspire? You've come to the right place! Our experienced staff of trainers guide you through challenging sequences of movements designed to make you feel longer and stronger and better connected into your body. To ensure our clients the greatest level of success, we invite a maximum of six clients to join each Pilates Reformer class.

NEW TO PILATES? We recommend first taking our Pilates Reformer Clinic on Friday's @1:00pm. In this class you will learn how to use the Pilates Refomrer and key foundation concepts. If you prefer to learn in a private setting, you can set up a private session by emailing us at:

Come try it! We know you will love it!

Regular Pilates practice helps you:

  • Build core strength and tone your whole body

  • Improve joint function, range of motion & flexibility

  • Correct postural alignment

  • Become more connected to your body

Class Levels...

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Want to try Pilates? This is the class for you! This is a great Pilates Reformer class for beginning to intermediate clients who prefer a relaxed pace while still feeling challenged. You will leave this class feeling stronger, more energetic and connected to your body!


(No experience is required prior to joining this class. However, we do recommend taking the Pilates Clinic Class or few private sessions first, to familiarize yourself with the Pilates machines and movement.)



If you have previous experience on the Pilates Reformer, this class is for you! Each class is packed with intermediate to advanced exercises designed to lengthen, strengthen and energize! When you take this class, be prepared to work hard and FEEL AMAZING!


This high intensity class class moves quickly and features challenging advanced level Pilates Reformer exercises and progressions. Clients should be prepared to perform movements that require excellent balance, spinal flexibility and muscular strength.

Ample experience at the intermediate level is REQUIRED prior to attending this class.


Please note: This class is not recommended for anyone with significant spinal, joint or balance issues.