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Becka Shore

Becka is a Master PILATES Teacher and Exercise Physiologist with a background in Physical Therapy who integrates a depth of rehabilitation experience with the GYROTONIC® METHOD Expansion System to deliver unparalleled workouts that heal stiffness and restore strength to the body quickly.

Becka attended Columbia University for her bachelors degree where she minored in dance and began her passionate pursuit of how to heal the body through movement.  She has continued to studying healing movement all of her life...and still, the human body never ceases to amaze her and fuel her determination to help all people move with joy and ease. 


After college, Becka became a Kripalu yoga teacher in 1996, and a Pilates teacher in 1997, and she quickly developed a following in New York City.  For graduate school, Becca attended the University of Wisconsin, where she studied Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology and acquired a master's degree in 2003.


Today Becka continues to combine the best of Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology Pilates, and yoga with the latest healing concepts to come out of the dance medicine world.  Her goal is to deliver workouts that prevent injury and restore optimal health.

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