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Method Classes

Ready to try GYROTONIC®?

You are in for a treat! From the moment you begin, you will LOVE the GYROTONIC® Method. During your session, your body moves through a luxurious series of spiraling, undulating and circular sequences. Using the GYROTONIC® equipment, you experience flowing movement that elongates and strengthens your body while improving joint mobility and alignment. Best of all, it FEELS AMAZING!

New to the GYROTONIC® Method?

We recommend first taking our:


Mondays @ 3:00pm


In this class you will learn how to use the GYROTONIC® Tower and key foundation concepts. If you prefer to learn in a private setting, you can set up a private session by emailing us at:

Come try it! We know you will love it!


What’s the difference between GYROTONIC® & Pilates?

Each modality has a similar intention; to facilitate improved joint function, postural alignment, muscle strength, and overall flexibility. Pilates movement is often described as linear, with much of the movement taking place on the sagittal (front to back) and coronal planes (side to side). GYROTONIC® offers the body increased opportunity for circular, undulating and spiraling movement. When both modalities are practiced regularly we are giving our bodies the opportunity to move with ease in every direction.

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