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Private Training

Educated. Professional. Creative.


The Studio M trainers comprise an elite class of fitness professionals, endowed with the expertise and motivation to deliver the highest quality movement sessions. In each session, our trainers work closely with you to create thoughtful, individualized movement sessions designed to meet your specific goals and needs.


Whether you want to improve your overall fitness or have specific issues like spinal and joint dysfunction, our trainers have the expertise to help each client develop and maintain an overall functional and well-balanced body. 


An Integrated Approach.

Our integrated approach to the body sets the ideal environment for helping you to achieve you goals in physical fitness and health. Our practitioners employ an impressive combined skill set and knowledge base in: 

Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Orthopedic Massage, Osteopathy and Integrative Manual Therapy.

UNLIMITED 15 min Infrared Sauna Sessions with every package purchase.

All  Packages for Private sessions expire in 5 months.

Director, Sue Aslin

Single Session:             $150

10 Session Package:    $1,450

Master Trainer 2

Becka Shore & Ashley Beldon

Single Session:             $135

5 Session Package       $665

10 Session Package     $1,300

Master Trainer 1

Doug McBee & Grace Jambois

Single Session:             $125
5 Session Package       $615
10 Session Package     $1,200

Semi-Private Session MT1

Single Session             $70
10 Session Package    $650

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