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Pilates in Sonoma
at it's best!


LOVE Pilates? Us too!!! Our fantastic staff of experienced Pilates professionals draw upon their years in the industry to present classes that challenge and inspire! The focus of each class is building strength, restoring joint mobility and improving alignment and flexibility. In each class you will experience challenging sequences of movements designed to make you feel longer and stronger and better connected into your body. To ensure our clients the greatest level of success, we invite a maximum of 8 clients to join each Pilates Reformer class.


Pilates Tower classes give you an amazing all over body workout that leaves you feeling stretched, lengthened and more mobile in your spine and whole body.


Inspired by the Pilates Cadillac, Tower classes combine elements of Pilates mat work and spring work to mobilize your spine, strengthen your core and improve your flexibility and balance, while minimizing stress on your joints.


Tuesday ~ 9;00am Tower LEVEL 2

Thursday ~ 5:30pm Tower LEVEL 1

Friday ~ 9am Tower LEVEL 2


Enjoy all the best Studio M has to offer: Pilates Reformer, GYROTONIC® Tower & Barre


This is a FUN class for those who love VARIETY. A talented and seasoned movement practitioner and physical therapist, Becka Shore teaches a broad selection of her favorite exercises on Studio M apparatuses to improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility.


Come try this fun innovative class! (Level 1: Beginning to Intermediate)


We recommend first taking our...



Mondays at 2:00pm

This class is recommended if you have little to no Pilates Reformer experience. Learn how to use the Pilates Reformer machine and some of the basic exercises. If you prefer to learn in a private setting, you can set up a private session by emailing us at:

Class Levels

LEVEL 1 PILATES REFORMER or Tower = Beginning to Intermediate

This is a great  class for beginning to intermediate clients who prefer a relaxed pace while still feeling challenged. You will leave this class feeling stronger, more energetic and connected to your body!

No experience is required prior to joining this class. However, we do recommend taking the Pilates Clinic Class or few private sessions first, to familiarize yourself with the Pilates machines and movement.


LEVEL 2 PILATES REFORMER or Tower = Intermediate

If you have previous experience on the Pilates Reformer, this class is a good choice. Each class is packed with intermediate to advanced exercises designed to lengthen, strengthen and energize! When you take this class, be prepared to work hard and FEEL AMAZING!


Coming Soon!

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