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The MELT Method™

What is The MELT Method™?
Learn the tools you need to HELP YOURSELF!


Created by exercise physiologist Sue Hitzmann, The MELT Method™ is a BRILLIANT and luxurious self-massage system that stimulates and moves the fluid of your connective tissue while calming the nervous system.


MELT releases “Stuck Stress” in your connective tissue, helping you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime.

Using a variety of specialized balls and rollers, The MELT Method™ helps YOU LEARN to balance the levels and flow of a viscus fluid within your fascia called hyaluronic acid.


Gentle compression and sheering forces created by the balls and rollers against your body heat up your hyaluronic acid and create a refreshing, flushing action. The result is a release of adhesions OR “stuck stress” in the connective tissue and a restoration of its gliding capacity.

The MELT Method™ literally melts your stress away!

Benefits of MELT ~ so many!

  • Allows better results from exercise (flushes stuck fluids and dense/compressed fascia)

  • Optimizes physical performance

  • Enhances muscle strength, tone & flexibility

  • Restores joint mobility

  • Corrects posture, alignment

  • Boosts energy (hydrated bodies take less energy to move!)

  • Supports circulation & digestion

  • Promotes sleep

  • Improves mood overall well-being (pain is a downer!)

  • Slows the aging process

  • Creates long lasting results

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