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Sue Aslin

Meet Sue Aslin, Owner of Studio M Pilates. Sue began as a client at Studio M when it opened its doors in 2003 and immediately began her studies with Studio M Founder and international leader in movement education, Madeline Black. During those early years Sue had the unique opportunity to work side by side with Madeline, watching how she worked and studying anatomy and kinesiology through the lens of Pilates and Gyrotonic®. Sue's focus has always been aligned with that of Studio M: to help people move and feel their best for life. Sue is a certified ITT Pilates Master Trainer and is a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor. She is also a certified Gyrotonic Method® teacher and has studied with numerous renowned Gyrotonic & Pilates practitioners and movement educators. Additionally, Sue is a teacher trainer for ITT Pilates, inspiring the next generation of Pilates instructors.


Assessment & Manual Therapy

Sue specializes in helping people resolve structural and mechanical issues using manual therapy techniques derived from years of in-depth study in anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedic massage and osteopathy. Her keen assessment skills allow her to identify mechanical dysfunction in bodies, apply manual therapy techniques to release areas holding and help restore organized movement patterns.

A former dancer and dance school director, Sue began studying Pilates in 1995 to help heal injuries and bring balance to her body. For her clients, Sue creates thoughtful, individualized sessions designed to meet their specific needs. Sue holds a BA in journalism and worked for many years in wine marketing and public relations. She lives in Sonoma with her son. 

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